New EP from multi genre UK artist LiVES

Unicorn Records is proud to announce the return of UK solo artist LiVES with the new 5 track ‘Naked’ EP.

Since the release of the 2017 ‘Flying EP’ LiVES (aka Peter Chisholm) has been working heavily on TV and film scores as well as his own massive, on going, project of writing and dramatising a modern opera. So it came as a big surprise when he presented a new, solo EP – the Naked EP.

Naked is a 5 track, stripped back acoustic EP. With tracks like ‘Shockwave’ and ‘Close To Danger’ Peter allows us to see directly and deeply into his heart and he leaves himself (and the listener) nowhere to hide, this music is both confrontational and vulnerable. 

Peter says about the EP ” After working on some very heavily produced projects for TV and film for quite a while I was feeling artistically exhausted, I just wanted to break away and create something more immediate, more intimate, and more human. I had been listening to loads of early delta blues and my inspiration for this EP was to look back to the time of the lone blues singers, where 1 voice and 1 singer was all that was needed. I wanted to make a collection of songs that were raw, visceral, urgent, real and meaningful with my emotions laid bare and up front…something Naked!